Dynamic queries in Rogue

I’ve spent some time googling for information about how to build Rogue queries dynamically but surprisingly I couldn’t find any straightforward answer. This is why I created following short post describing how to do it.

An usual query may look like this:

UserRecord where (_.surname eqs "Gates") and (_.age eqs 20) limit(5) fetch()

What if we want to add the our criteria conditionally? My first attempt looked naively like this:

It turns out you can’t compile this code, because type of queryByName is lost. The map().getOrElse() expression returns one of two different types. What you need here is to add ‘query‘ invocation to your record:

That’s pretty much it, somehow it is not easy to find in any examples. The queryByName object can now be used as a base for elegant, dynamic and typesafe Rogue query.  Also, note that orderDesc() and limit() are as well pulled to the first line. Special thanks to Piotr Buda, who showed me his queries in Slick which inspired me to go this way.


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